Current store hours 8AM-6PM Daily. Saturday 9AM-6PM. Sunday 10am-6PM.
  • Store is letting only two customers in at a time.
  • Or you can pay at the door & remain outside.
  • Or you can order & pay by phone for same day pickup.
  • No deliveries. Coffee bar open for takeout.
  • Website for mail-order only.

Call 718-369-6026 for more info.

Wkdays: 8am - 6pm, Wknd: 9am - 6pm | 414 8th St. (Just off 7th ave.), Brooklyn, NY 11215 | 718-369-6026 |

About Java Joe's

Drawing by Kimble Pendleton Mead - support the little guyJava Joe's is a family owned store located in Parkslope Brooklyn. Established in 1992 by Alan Sacks aka "Joe" and Rosemary Fine aka "Rosie", we have been providing our loyal customers who love to "support the local little guy" with freshly brewed coffees, teas and pastries and a large selection of Arabica beans and Rosie's loose leaf teas. We also specialize in British and Irish teas, biscuits and candies. Although we are a little shop we pack a lot in! We also carry coffeemakers including Bodum, Chemex, Bialetti, Aero press and Pavoni Grinders. Need a teapot? Need a travel cup? Need a fine bone English China cup? We got 'em!

We are we admit, old school here at Java Joe's, we like the handmade signs, the personal touch, we love the Grateful Dead and choose to keep that truckin' on.

The artwork displayed on the site is by the famed Kimble Pendleton Mead, our thanks to him for creating these colorful pictures that are so much a part of the Java Joe Brooklyn experience.