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About Our Coffees

Java Joe's Roasts
All of our beans are roasted using the time honored dry roast/cool air method in small batches. There are five different roasts to choose from:

  • Full City Roast: The darkest of the light roasts. This allows the beans to develop fully, bringing out more flavor than the lighter roasts.
  • Viennese Roast: The lightest of the dark roasts. Pleasantly full and spicy, it is particularly smooth and not as bittersweet as the darker roasts.
  • French Roast: Heavy, bittersweet and spicy. Smooth enough to be enjoyed brewed in a regular drip coffeemaker, especially good in a french press.
  • Italian Roast: Italian roast is commonly associated with espresso and cappuccino and lattes. Very full, black and bittersweet with low acidity and smoky undertones.
  • Extra Dark Roast: This darkest of our roasts allows for the development of the slightly carbonaceous bittersweet qualities that make these coffees so addictive and enjoyable.

Java Joe's Flavored Coffees
Java Joe's does not hold up its nose to flavored coffees, quite the contrary, we treasure them...which is why we named one of our most popular flavor blends "Treasure Blend". Only the finest of natural flavorings are used with premium Central and South American arabica beans. No sugar or alcohol used and at only five calories per cup, dessert has never tasted so good. Whether you warm up on a cold winter day with some Pumpkin Pie Spice or cool down in the summer with iced vanilla hazelnut you will find a flavor that will keep you happy and wide awake at any time of the year. See Selections

About Coffee Varietals
Varietals are single origin arabica coffees often labeled by the geographic area in which they are produced.See Selections

About Arabica Coffee
Arabica coffees are grown at altitudes of 4,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level and require very careful cultivation and just the right climate conditions. They command higher prices than their lower grade "robusto" cousins because of their superior quality. Arabica trees produce about half the amount of caffeine than robusto beans. See Selections

Organic Coffees:
Although many coffee growers use little or no chemicals there are choices out there that are 100% certified organic. Java Joe's offers a selection of these coffees which are grown with absolutely no herbicides pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. these growers are organized into farmer cooperatives which give them more clout in achieving premium prices for their beans. See Selections

Fair Trade
In a global market that is being dominated by corporations the Fair Trade Organization is a beacon to the hopes of the small family farmer. Java Joe's offers a number of excellent Fair trade Organic coffees. Fair Trade is an innovative approach to empowering Third World farmers.Through guaranteed fair prices, direct trade, access to credit and environmental stewardship Fair Trade helps farming families improve their nutrition and healthcare and keep their kids in school. See Selections

Our Decaf Coffees
All our decaf coffees are "Swiss Water Process" decafs which mean that no chemicals are used to decaffeinate the beans. This process is a natural method using only charcoal and water filters. We use only the highest grade beans for all our decafs and all are 99.9% caffeine-free. See Selections